When fonts don’t work

So the brass quintet arrangement of “Bist du bei mir” that I had uploaded to ScoreExchange, when I looked at it today, was trash. This isn’t me being self-conscious of it (although I am), but that ScoreExchange clearly isn’t set up to use anything but the default fonts supplied with Sibelius.

I had created “Bist du bei mir” using the Taneyev font developed by Andrew Moschou as a modified version of Steinberg’s Bravura. It looks really nice and has a heavy quality to it that I like for printing. Unfortunately, ScoreExchange absolutely panics when it sees a font it doesn’t recognize and fills the score and parts with garbage symbols. I know I’m not the only person who uses custom fonts in Sibelius, so my question to ScoreExchange is, “Am I stuck uploading with Opus and nothing but Opus if I sell on your site?”

At any rate, I’ve changed the link on the print music page to the new version of the score I have.

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